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Heart of a

The Heart of a Levite is a training platform that will provide insight in worship through instrumentation. You will receive knowledge and understanding that will help build a solid foundation of what it means to go beyond your skill and to align your instrument with the sound of Heaven.


You will have the opportunity to select from our list of courses such as Touch Me Not, which will reveal the value in who you are as a musician who has the heart of a Levite. God calls you His (Numbers 8:14). You will learn how to separate from your instrument (the tool) and align yourself (the instrument) with Heaven.


You will also receive teaching on understanding the breath of God in prophesying through music. Ultimately, this training will bring insight to your purpose as a Levite, find clarity in your role, and how to perform the work (servant) before Our Father.

Samuel Tolbert is the facilitator of The Heart of a Levite

Meet our facilitator 

Samuel Tolbert is the founder of AWAKE and also your course instructor for a Heart of a Levite. Samuel is a musician, producer, and author.  He is also the pioneer of the AWAKE movement, which is an Authentic Worship And Kingdom Experience, that goes beyond the instrument. Known for playing the keyboard, Samuel is taking it step further using his voice and the words of the Lord to help train and equip other worshippers.

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